My big accomplishment for the weekend!

I was wanting to learn some new songs on piano, but a lot of times I find I have this gap between hearing the parts and remembering them long enough to learn to play them. So I found this free music notation software called MuseScore (which is really effing awesome and you should totally check it out if you’re at all into that sorta thing - complete functionality in a free program, and a bunch of different options and export settings that you usually only see in programs like Finale, which cost an arm and a leg), and I did my best to create an arrangement of Don’t You Dare, which is a song from the TV show Instant Star (which holds a special place in my heart - plus Alexz Johnson is a total babe with a killer voice, so her stuff is always really fun to sing/play).

Anywho. I’m really excited because now I have at least a playable part written out for this, and even though I know it’s not perfect I’m kinda proud that I got it all down by ear (because I’m really bad at learning by ear tbh). So I’m gonna start learning it for myself, but I figured I’d share in case anyone else out there wanted this. =3

Oh oh! And the best part about this program - it exports to a lot of different file types, including pdf, png (which is posted here), and midi - which means I can drop the midi file right into Synthesia, a fun piano game that I’ve talked about on here before - and hook my keyboard up to my computer to practice the part. It’s like learning from the sheet music but let’s me be lazier and have more fun!

So yeah, that’s what I did with my weekend. Not a total waste at least. =D

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